Workshops and coaching in Northen countries

My name is Lotte Rosdahl and I am a Danish journalist, innovator and consultant within bridging and depolarizing constructive journalism.

I teach journalists and editors all around Denmark and in rest of the Nordic countries. I offer various workshops and seminars as well as individual coaching and editorial renewal.

Besides Denmark, I have already been doing workshops in Greenland, and I am  offering special workshops in Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway and Sweden as well.

Podcasts and magazines

Furthermore I make podcasts – the so-called TrustCast – which is a podcast for journalists and editors about bridging and depolarizing constructive journalism. TrustCast is yet only in Danish.

And finally I have invented a new type of magazine for municipalities in Denmark. The magazines are based on my ideas and notion of bridging depolarizing constructive journalism.

Co-founder and prize-winner

I would like to emphasize that I was co-ordinator and speaker on the first seminar on constructive journalism in Denmark in january 2013. I am also co-founder of The Danish Society of Constructive Journalism with Ulrik Haagerup

Founder and Director of Constructive Institute among others.

Besides I have won the Price of Fiery Souls by the Danish Ministry of Integration, and my magasines have won silver in a National contest.

My ground-breaking method is called TrustJournalism

I am a pioneer within constructive journalism, and in 2012 I was the first person to extend the definition of Constructive Journalism by adding two new terms to the concept – bridging and depolarizing.

I did did so by developing a new ground-breaking method named TrustJournalism. In particular this method combines the traditionel definition of Constructive Journalism with my own new notion of bridging and depolarizing journalism.

In other words TrustJournalism is bridging depolarizing constructive journalism. In short terms this means to build bridges among individuals, cultures, societies and nations and thereby minimize the polarization of society.


First newsjournalist from KNR – Greenland radio and tv – trained in bridging/depolarizaing constructive journalism – TrustJournalism.

Building up society and individual

The word constructive means to build and construct. In this context constructive journalism aims at building up and individuals as respectfully as possible.
This can be done by focusing on future solutions as well as on new ways of engaging and involving people and at the same time creating trust, understanding and visions.

A new Toolbox for journalists and editors

I have developed several new journalistic tools which are essential for journalists and editors working constructively. One of those tools is a new way of interviewing with a whole toolbox of new questions, the so-called ”clarifying-interview”.

The purpose is to achive a broader understanding of peoples lives and thereby use their experiences to point out solutions. The result is a deeper understanding among individuals as well as cultures and societies.

Trustjournalism secure nuanced debates

Trustjournalism also encourages new approaches to journalism and an awareness of the language and words used in articles, tv-programs aso. Thereby TrustJournalism is able to secure a nuanced culture of debate and discussions and consequently contributing to a depolarized society.

In my point of view nuances are very important because they in particular make us understand each other better – and with a bigger understandig journalists will be able to avoid a black and white news coverage in which we are out line with the people, as it for instance happened during Brexit and the Trumph-victory.

TrustJournalism is based on scientific data

TrustJournalism is based on scientific psychology of preconceived notion and it investigates how traditional journalistic ways of thinking and working actually are reinforcing prejudices and distrust by the media consumer.

The method also takes into account that journalists can be influenced by their own prejudices while working journalisticly.

Speaker on confrences

lotte-kvadrat-2If you want to hear more about bridging and depolarizing constructive journalism on a conference ore want to heare more about my methode and work you are velcome to contact me on
phone +45 2670 0292.